Bone, David W. & Muirhead.


Large Paper Edition, Limited to 160 Numbered Copies of which this is # 134, signed by Captain David Bone and by his artist brother, Muirhead Bone. Chatto & Windus, 1st ed., 1949. Xx + 332 pp., guarded port. frontis., + 15 other plates, 16 headpieces & a tailpiece by Bone. Qtr. Blue morocco ; blue buckram ; bevelled boards ; gilt ; t.e.g., others uncut. 26 x 20cm. Nr.FINE Captain David Bone became Commodore of Anchor Line and served at sea during World War II, just as he had done during the First World War. In 1949, he followed the pattern he had laid down in 1919 and produced a fitting tribute to the Merchant Navy that had just fought for its very survival against Germany and the Axis powers. The book is illustrated by his talented brother, the marine artist Muirhead Bone, with his signed drypoint frontispiece, 15 other plates, and 16 head & tailpieces. An ordinary edition was also published in 1949. When war came in 1939, David Bone had already spent fifty years at sea from his early days in sail to command of Anchor Line's great transatlantic liners. He thought he would never again have to suffer U-boat attacks as he had done in his earlier days. Remarkably, he remained in command throughout the Second World War and survived to write this record of courage, endurance and hardship performed by British merchant seamen in the face of an enemy, who had no less than their total destruction as its aim. Once again Captain Bone had experienced the ordeal and had witnessed the final defeat of the U-boat menace.

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