Arasaratnan, S.


Variorum Aldershot & Brookfield, Vermont (jointly pub. in New Delhi), 1st.ed., 1996. X + 326 pp., 4 maps. D.j., 22 x 15cm. FINE. Dr. Rodger’s copy, signed & inscribed : "Nicholas Rodger, Acton, Feast of St. (?) of (?), 2003." A study of the eastern coastal belt of India during the second half of the 18th century, during a period English expansion when a considerable area of territory was gained. It was a period of Anglo-French conflict ending in success for the English and control against challenges by the newly risen kingdom of Mysore. The author provides a chronological analysis of the extent of English control over the commercial economy of the region, especially the textile industry, and the policy of the East India Company which forms the main focus of this work and which led to total control over the movement of textiles. Trade in general is not neglected and the author examines how the merchants operated and how they were affected by the influx of news groups of entrepreneurs. The study is largely based on the records of the English East India Company held both in the Tamil Nadu Archives, and in the India Office in London (See Item No. 6). Illustrated with four maps of ports, etc.

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