London, Peter.


Sutton, Stroud, 1st ed., 2003. Vi + 298 pp., numerous photo-ills. D.j., 27 x 20cm. FINE Over a hundred types of British flying-boat and amphibian were built during the forty years from the days of the pioneer airmen to the advent of the jet engine. Early attempts were sometimes fraught but during the First World War the practical military flying-boat was steadily developed, serving as an important component in the campaigns waged against the naval forces of Imperial Germany ' particularly her U-boats. The inter-war period witnessed the growth in prominence of ever-larger civil flying-boats, as commercial air routes became established globally, notably by Britain's Imperial Airways. Throughout the Second World War the flying boat defended Britain's sea routes around the world with great success and British examples were also employed by many of the Allied nations. Yet post-war the types faded from widespread use and by the mid-1950s had all but disappeared. This is the first comprehensive history of the British flying boat with over 200 illustrations.

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