Hoerner, Sighard, F.


Privately Printed, 1st ed., 1951. Vii + 259 pp., numerous diagrams. Brown leather-cloth ; 23 x 16cm. Ex-Lib., Weapons Research Div. Woodford, Cheshire, with usual stamps & marking to prelims & r.f.e.p., only ; some rubbing to covers, mainly on spine where a small label has presumably been removed and left a 2cm split to joint, o/w V.G. Prior to the Second World War the author worked in Germany on the aerodynamic design of the Fieseler Fi 156 Storch STOL aircraft. From there he went to Junkers, where he worked as the head of design aerodynamics, before going to Messerschmitt, where he worked as a research aerodynamicist during World War II. After the war, he was "invited" (Operation Paperclip) to emigrate to the United States where he worked at Wright Field in Ohio. Eventually he ended up working as a specialist in aerodynamics and hydrodynamics in the field of naval architecture in New York. An important figure in the aerodynamics field, the author prepared a manuscript in 1945 and 1946 for this book, Aerodynamic Drag. The technical publishing houses in New York City were not confident enough to bring a book as specialized as this to the market. Consequently, he published the book himself in 1951, using a photo-offset process and sold copies of the book by mail order from his home. The book got very good reviews and demand was steady. In 1958, it was reissued as Fluid-Dynamic Drag. This is one of two compendiums he became known for worldwide. Chapter headings include : Skin ' Friction Drag ; Pressure Drag ; Drag of Surface Irregularities ; Drag of Streamline Bodies and Sections ; Drag Due to Lift ; Interference Drag ; Drag of Aircraft Components ; Drag of Vehicles ; Drag of Internal-Flow Systems ; Subsonic Influence of Compressibility on Drag ; Supersonic Drag ; Drag in Rarefied Gases. SCARCE.

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