Weinberg, G. L. (English Ed., Intro.). Heiber, H. (Original ed., Preface & Notes.). Glantz, D. M. (Editorial Advisor English Ed.).


Enigma Books, New York, 1st Eng., lang., ed., 2003. Xxxv + 1158 pp., + 13 maps. D.j., 24 x 16cm. FINE. In the late summer of 1942, Hitler ordered stenographers to take down every word that was uttered during the twice-daily military conferences. Of over 103,000 pages recorded, less than 1,000 survived destruction in May 1945 and make up this book. Never before available in English, this edition also contains those conferences discovered after the original German publication and are included here for the first time. This is an amazing and irreplaceable historical document, showing Hitler directing the war from his headquarters on a daily basis. As the tide turned dramatically after Stalingrad and during 1944-45, Hitler never wavered, managing to take Germany step-by-step down with him into the abyss. These documents trace the daily give-and-take in the map room as recorded by several stenographers, so that all the participants knew that everything they said was being taken down in shorthand. The total effect of these pages goes far beyond adding powerfully to the military record. The human tragedy also takes on gigantic proportions when countless thousands of victims were often the result of each day of decision-making. Several of these conferences were introduced at the Nuremberg trials as evidence of war crimes and crimes against humanity and they contain some very rare references to the Holocaust in Hitler’s own words.

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