War Office.


The Naval & Military Press rep., 1999 (originally published by HMSO in 1922.). 880 pp., a wealth of tables and charts. D.j., 32 x 20cm. FINE. A vital accompaniment to any reading or research on World War I, this volume provides a wealth of statistics on the military effort of the British Empire during the Great War and its aftermath 1914 – 1920. Originally published in 1922, this 1999 reprint makes available again much important information that had been lost due to the scarcity of the original volume. An outline of the contents headings are as follows : Distribution of Higher Formations ; Estimated Strength of the Forces Abroad and at Home, Return of Labour and Native Personnel serving Abroad, and Growth of the Individual Arms of Service ; Officers ; Casualties ; Recruiting ; Remounts ; Munitions ; Royal Air Force ; Embarkation and Shipments ; Army Contracts, Clothing and Salvage ; War Honours ; War Expenditure, &c. ; War Office Military and Civil Staff and Correspondence ; Separation Allowances, Awards of Pensions, and Soldiers’ Effects ; Reserves of Supplies ; Messing, Rations and Canteens ; Mechanical Transport Abroad and at Home ; Military Railways, Inland Water Transport, &c. ; Quartering ; Strength of the Belligerent Armies, Reserves, Guns, &c. ; Enemy Prisoners of War ; British Line in France ; Discipline ; Airship and Aeroplane Raids over Great Britain and Bombardment of the Coast, with Resulting Casualties ; Notes on Schemes of Demobilization of the Army and the RAF ; List of Published Despatches on Military Operations during the Great War ; Timber Supply for War Requirements ; Armistices ; The Military Effort of the British Empire in the Great War ; War Trophies ; Outline Diary of Main Events in the various Theatres of War ; Supply Services during the War. All this information is conveyed through a wealth of tables, charts and narrative. An exceptional publication that promises to be an asset to any Great War collection.

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