Rosse, Captain the Earl of. & Hill, Colonel E.R.


Rep., 1956 (reprinted the same month as first published). 320 pp., frontis., + 11 photo-plates + 5 maps, 2 of which are fldg. D.j., 22 x 14cm. D.j., repaired with light edge-wear ; slight lean to front cover o/w Nr.FINE. This is a superb and authoritative record of the service of the Guards Armoured Division during the Second World War. Based on the War Diaries of the units as well as on the notebooks of individual officers, almost all the passages dealing with the division's activities are taken directly from accounts written down at the time. Chapters cover Before D-Day. Normandy ' The Battle for Caen. Normandy ' The Caumont Offensive. The Advance to Brussels. Forcing the Canal Lines. The Arnhem Operation. The "Island". Nijmegen and Sittard. Winter in Belgium. The Reichswald Battle. From the Rhine to the Ems. From the Ems Towards Bremen. The Final Phase. Epilogue. Appendices include Orders of Battle for July 1st, 1942; June 6th, 1944; September 3rd, 1944; and May 5th, 1945. There is also information on The Administrative System. With photographs and maps.

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