Moretti, Captain Onorio. (Prepared under the direction of Danford, Captain Robert.)


Yale University Press, New Haven, 3rd printing, Aug., 1917. Ix + 275 pp., 52 diagram plates, 1 of which is a large, fldg., sketch plan + a large, fldg., partly cold., map at rear. Red cloth ; gilt ; 24 x 16cm. F.e.p.'s (blank) bear 2 ownership sigs., of Louis Stocklmein, 3rd Battery, 11th F.A., 8/30/17 ; 1 business stamp ; rear corner bumped & some typical light marking to covers o/w V.G. Most of this book is a compilation of notes kept by Captains Gruber, Moretti and Danford while acting as instructors in the course for NCO's at the field artillery school in Oklahoma. Chapters include Map Reading ; Military Sketches ; Elementary Field Artillery Gunnery ; Firing Data Records ; Auxiliary Observers ; Blackboard Method of Fire ; Estimation of Ranges ; Communication ; Scouts, Couriers, and Route Markers ; Battalion Reconnaissance Problem ; Elementary Probabilities ; Useful Notebook Tables. Illustrated with 52 plates, one being a large folding sketch plan ; plus a large, partly coloured folding map.

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