Lachouque, Commandant Henry.


Paris, 1st ed., 1972. 204 pp., numerous cold., + b&w photo-ills., + ills., + b&w maps & plans. D.j., 29 x 30cm. Spine of d.j., faded o/w V.G.+. This delightfully produced book, written in French but with a wealth of illustrations, including many in colour, to appeal to all readers, discusses the Battle of Waterloo and begins with the background to the great campaign considering Napoleon's Europe, the Congress of Vienna and the military situation in Europe in May 1815. The regiments of the armies that took part are discussed and depicted through colour illustrations that focus on aspects of their uniforms. The plans for the campaign are considered for both Napoleon and the Allies, the movement of the armies is charted and separate chapters deal in detail with the days leading up to and including the Battle of Waterloo : 15th June; the offensive of the French Army, Charleroi, the retreat of the Prussians, the combat of Gilly, the English Army, and the ball of the Duchess of Richmond. 16th June ; Ligny and Quatre Bras. 17th June ; the pursuits of Blucher and Wellington. 18th June; the scene is set, principle characters are placed and the events of the battle are traced chronologically as the hours unfold. This uncommon and superbly illustrated account of Waterloo concludes with an epilogue.

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