How, Major J. J.


J.J. Fedorowicz, Winnipeg, Canada, new ed., 2004. X + 194 pp., photo-ills., + maps. Photo-laminated boards ; 23 x 16cm. FINE. Hill 112 rises gently from the valley of the Odon river, itself little more than a stream, but it became the cornerstone of the German defence in Normandy. That is why the Scottish Corridor was blasted south leaving a trail of desolation. These battles were the baptism of fire for the divisions of citizen soldiers of the UK command who for four long years had been spectators looking in at the war from the outside. Stalemate was already starting when they were thrown in to break the impasse. They advanced straight into a battle with a Waffen SS elite firm in faith to Fuehrer and Fatherland, the panzer divisions that Hitler was concentrating to throw the Allies back into the sea. This is the story of the six weeks of fierce combat that followed. It is the story of soldiers hanging on grimly to the holes in the ground that they had managed to win and hold. A highly acclaimed account.

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