Esposito, Brigadier General V. J. & Elting, Colonel J. R.


Greenhill, rev., ed., 1999. Pages not numbered but substantial (c. over 350pp.,) frontis., 169 maps., partially cold., + some ills. D.j., 27 x 33cm. Small repair to edge of d.j., & a little discolouring to edges o/w V.G.+. This superb historical atlas is a seminal work on the Napoleonic Wars and provides a comprehensive overview of the battles and campaigns of Napoleon between 1796 and 1815. 169 maps chart the course of twelve crucial campaigns and detail the key phases of major battles – the Italian campaigns of 1796 - 1797 ; the Egyptian campaign; Marengo ; Austerlitz ; Jena; Friedland ; the invasion of Spain ; the Danube campaign of 1809 ; the invasion of Russia ; the 1813 campaign ; the defence of France ; and the Hundred Days. In doing so this valuable atlas illustrated the breadth of Napoleon’s concept of war, his grasp of strategy and his complete mastery of battlefield tactics. The large, colour maps trace the course of each campaign and highlight the importance of terrain, time and distance. They are complemented by a full narrative history which describes the dramatic military events of the period and their impact on warfare and military thinking. Each successive campaign move is detailed, the strengths of each side are analysed and their errors and failings are also fully examined. An additional Appendix gives biographical details of leading military personalities, and a critical Recommended Reading List assesses hundreds of works on this formative period.

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