Barker, A. J.


Ian Allan, 1st ed., 1978. 144 pp., many photo-ills., + maps + plans. D.j., 30 x 22cm. Edges of some early pages foxed ; fading / discolouring to d.j., & small bumps to 2 corners o/w V.G. General Guderian's Panzer Division was the deadly instrument of Hitler's blitzkrieg technique in World War II, wreaking havoc amongst the Allied tank forces first in Poland then in France. The panzer divisions went on to spearhead an attack on Russia that tore the Red Army apart. ; they brought the British in North Africa to the point of defeat ; and even in the final stages of the war, they were able to give the mighty American armies a severe shock in the Battle of the Bulge. This book shows what it was like to serve in a panzer division in all theatres of the war. With over 170 illustrations, it traces the development of German front-line armour from the under-gunned PzKpfw II to the fearsome Tiger ' a tank that could take on a squadron of Sherman's single-handed.

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