Woodman, Richard.


1st.ed. 1988. Xvi + 220 pp, double-page photo, 3 maps, ships’ plan + drawing. D.j. 24 x 16cm. FINE. The author gives a first-hand account of a typical voyage in one of Alfred Holt’s handsome merchant ships sailing from Birkenhead to the Far East and home again via Suez to discharge in Liverpool. He recalls what life was like aboard the ‘China Boats’ in the 1960s ; the long night watches at sea ; the wild runs ashore in Singapore and Hong Kong ; the art and intricacies of cargo stowage ; and the everyday routine of the long voyage East. The author left Alfred Holt in 1966 to join Trinity House. In 1980, he was promoted Commander and since that time has been master of four Trinity House vessels. He is also the author of the ‘Nathaniel Drinkwater’ series of naval historical novels, and in recent years has written a number of substantial maritime books. In Voyage East, the characters and ship are fictional but are representative of a typical crew in a typical Holt ship on a typical voyage.

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