Wilcox, L. A.


1st.ed., 1969. Xv + 182 pp., many drawings by the author. D.j., 25 x 16cm. FINE. Anson's circumnavigation between 1740 and 1744 is one of the most remarkable voyages in naval history and an extraordinary feat of seamanship, courage, and forbearance. Of the six ships in the squadron that set sail from England, only Anson's flagship CENTURION returned home four years later. They spent three months rounding the Horn in the teeth of a fierce gale, a storm that destroyed a Spanish squadron sent to intercept them. Once in the Pacific the squadron endured much suffering including shipwreck and mutiny. Anson himself had the great fortune of capturing a Spanish treasure galleon which made him extremely rich as well as benefitting all those on board his ship as the greatest sum of prize money in naval history came their way. The author/artist provides a vivid account of this amazing 18th century voyage around the globe. FINE copy.

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