Walters, Derek.


Barnsley, 1st.ed., 2004. (V) + 264 pp., 35 photo-plates & 2 pages of drawings. D.j., 24 x 16cm. FINE. Designed in 1934 as small and basic submarines for use in anti-submarine training, the 'U' class found themselves at war a few years later and called upon to undertake roles beyond their intended purpose. At first, they were adapted to patrol home waters but by the end of the conflict they had served world-wide with seven different navies. They played a significant role in the Mediterranean by attacking supplies meant for Rommel. No less than 375 gallantry medals were awarded to officers and ratings in 'U' class submarines, including the VC awarded to Lt.Cmdr. Wanklyn. By 1945 seventy-two boats of this class had been commissioned, with seventeen lost in action and three owing to accidents. This is the first book to examine their operational service in detail.

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