Pope, Dudley.


1st ed., 1987. Xvi + 186 pp., map. D.j., 24 x 16cm. FINE. The French corvette LA VAILLANTE was captured by Captain Sir Edward Pellew in 1798 and renamed HMS DANAE. Her new captain was young Lord Proby. Two years later, in March 1800, news reached the Admiralty of her being re-taken by the French following a mutiny among her crew. The author carried out research among British and French archives and discovered the records held at Brest are labelled: "Le Diable Lui-meme" ' "The Devil Himself". This book reveals the mystery behind the mutiny which hitherto has received scant attention : from her capture by HMS INDEFATIGABLE to the time she was taken into Brest by her mutinous crew and handed over to the French three days later. Subsequent events as the Navy hunted down the ringleaders to bring them to justice are also described.

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