Philbrick, Nathaniel.


1st. Eng. ed., 2006. Xvii + 462 pp., 7 maps + photographs, etc. D.j., 24 x 16cm. FINE. The ship built in Plymouth to carry the Pilgrim fathers to the New World sailed from England in 1620 on a hazardous transatlantic voyage which culminated in a bloody and little-known battle waged against American indians during King Philip's war in 1675. The author follows the Pilgrims on their perilous sea-journey in a battered, leaky ship, through their first North American winter and their bitter encounter with the native Wampanoag tribe fifty years later. But amidst this tale of hardship and conflict there were episodes of friendship and co-operation, which was developing until the Spanish war of King Philip decimated the English population and almost wiped out the Wampanoag indians.

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