Paine, Ralph D. (Foreword by).


1st Eng. ed. of the 1970 US ed. Vi + 111 pp., frontis + 3 other ills. Qtr. grained blue cloth ; lighter blue pict. cloth boards ; gilt. 22 x 14cm. V.G.+. Bookplate of Dr. R. J. B. Knight, naval historian & biographer of Nelson. Captain Elijah Cobb was a New England shipmaster who lived through the American Revolution and first went to sea from Boston at the age of fourteen in 1783. He later sailed through the Straits of Gibraltar where the Muslim Dey of Algiers preyed especially on American ships and took many American seamen as Christian slaves. Having steered himself away from this danger, Cobb found himself in the midst of a war between England and Revolutionary France, neither side paying much attention to the rights of neutrals who might be carrying on trade with the enemy. Having witnessed the bloody horrors of France first-hand, he then had to dodge English cruisers in order to get safely back home. He later found himself embroiled in a war between his own country and Great Britain when he was captured by a British armed schooner. He had always been taught that British sailors were ruffians. He was pleasantly surprised to find himself treated with courtesy and friendliness by his captors, who sailed under Duckworth's orders out of St. John. Further adventures unfold.

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