Miller, David.


Continuum, 1st.ed., 2008. X + 198 pp., 8 photo-plates. D.j., 24 x 16cm. FINE. Several POW-related newspaper clippings tipped-in. The untold story of Prisoner-of-War Exchange during the Second World War. While carrying out research at Kew, the author stumbled across a file on a US-Japanese POW exchange at Laurenço Marques in 1942. Further investigation led to the discovery that throughout the war, the Allied and Axis powers maintained contact through third parties in order to achieve humanitarian ends – the exchange of wounded POWs, medical personnel, priests, civilian internees, etc. Protected mercy ships and trains ventured into war zones to carry out their missions. This happened after Pearl Harbour and the fall of Singapore ; exchanges took place with Japan on behalf of the American and British governments. This book reveals the forgotten clandestine mercy operations between Britain, America and France on the one side ; and Germany, Japan and Italy on the other. Includes the exchange of Jews, the sinking of the AWA MARU, the Zamzam affair, Channel Islanders, etc.

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