Marriott, Leo.


1st.ed., 1989. 128 pp., profusely illustrated with photographs & drawings. Pict. laminated boards., 24 x 17cm. FINE. The traditional role of the destroyer is to protect the battlefleet from attack by enemy destroyers, to launch torpedo attacks upon the enemy, and to protect task forces and convoys against air and submarine attack. The appellation ‘maids of all work’ was hard-earned in two World Wars. Their role has drastically changed since 1945 and in this well-illustrated book the author describes in detail the British destroyer classes since the end of the war – the ‘C’ Group, Battles, Weapons, Darings and the modern destroyers of recent years. In addition, there is an account of the dispersal of the flotillas after the war ; the conversions and disposals. Appendices give a disposal list and a list of Pendant Numbers since 1945.

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