MacDougall, Philip.


Newton Abbot, 1st.ed., 1982. 216 pp., many photo-plates & dock plans. D.j., 24 x 16cm. FINE. This is the first book to document the history of the Royal Dockyards, without them the Royal Navy would have been unable to function and would never have achieved its mastery of the seas. Within these yards many famous ships were built – the SOVEREIGN OF THE SEAS, VICTORY, and DREADNOUGHT among them. The author gives details on ship construction in wood, iron and steel. He describes the Tudor yards, the work of the Master-Shipwrights, and the measures taken against theft and corruption. He also examines the performance of the yards in times of war, the life of a typical dockyard worker, etc., etc. He describes the Royal Dockyards at Portsmouth, Deptford, Woolwich, Chatham, Sheerness, Rosyth and Devonport – as well as British yards overseas. FINE copy.

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