Lenton, H. T.


1st.ed., 1998. 766 pp., 634 photo-ills. silk book-marker sewn in. D.j., 28 x 23cm. FINE. This remarkable book, the author’s magnum opus, is the result of 37 years’ study by an experienced naval officer – the data Trevor Lenton has accumulated far exceeds anything held in official records. The book catalogues in encyclopaedic detail the navies of Great Britain and her Empire. No similar work exists ; it is the definitive reference work on British, Dominion and Colonial naval forces of World War II. The background history of each category of warship is given with extensive tables for individual ships, specifying the name, builder, engine manufacturer, building dates and ultimate fate of each vessel. For each class of warship, the dimensions, displacements, armament, and armour thickness are detailed. The whole is supported by 634 photographs – some of which are unique. The book is divided into the following sections under these prime headings : Major Surface Warships (16 types). Flotilla Vessels (11 types). Minelayers, Minesweepers & Auxiliary Patrol Craft (17 types). Trawlers, Whalers & Drifters (6 types). Amphibious Forces (44 types). Coastal Forces (12 types). Miscellaneous Vessels (more than 53 types). In addition, three appendices cover Pendant Numbers and British radar and Asdic. A truly superb book !

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