Leek, Michael E.


Eagle Editions, Royston, Herts., 2nd.ed., 2001. 192 pp., profusely illustrated with cold. reproductions. Pict. c.c., 33 x 24cm. FINE. A beautifully illustrated survey of nautical paintings from its earliest practitioners to the marine artists of the present day. Period by period, theme by theme, and school by school, the author describes the works of the age of development 2000 BC ' 1600 AD ; the influence of the Dutch 1550 ' 1700 ; European Developments during the 17th and 18th centuries 1650 ' 1820 ; The Romantic Era in Europe 1765 ' 1848 ; The 19th century in Europe and the USA 1800 ' 1900 ; The Na've and Ship-portrait Painters 1800 ' 1940 ; and finally The 20th century 1880 ' 1960. There is also a chapter on collecting, an index, and a useful bibliography. The book is lavishly illustrated with fine-quality coloured reproductions of many of the paintings under review.

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