Lawson, Will.


Glasgow, FIRST EDITION, 1927. Xx + 244 pp, frontis., + many photo & other plates. D.j. 22 x 14cm. V.G. This is the first book to record the history of the early steamers that sailed the Pacific and it has become the standard work with a second edition appearing in 1975. The author describes the rise and development of merchant steamers on the coasts of Australia, New Zealand, and North America’s Pacific coast. There were few docks in the region during the 19th century and each vessel contained her own foundry for repairs. The pioneer voyages round the Horn by the Pacific Navigation Company are described. Also, the epic voyage of the GOLDEN AGE from Sydney to Panama in the mid-1850s, the achievements of the great Pacific Mail Company of the USA that opened up new trade routes, and the role of Australia and New Zealand in their development. There are also chapters on British-Australian lines, early New Zealand steamers, the Panama Line, Australasian Inter-State Steamers, Australasian Steamers, the Sydney-San Francisco service, Sydney to China trade, Vancouver-Yokohama-Hong Kong service, Pacific coastal steamers, the Blue Water route, the All Red Mail, etc. Illustrated with many photographs. The original edition of 1927.

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