Lambert, Andrew. (Ed.).


NRS, 1st.ed., 2002. Xv + 340 pp., port. frontis. Blue cloth ; gilt. 23 x 15cm. FINE Professor Sir John Knox Laughton made a major contribution to naval history between the years 1875 and 1915. He was a founder member of the Navy Records Society, corresponded with other major naval historians of his day including Bridge, Clowes, Corbett, Custance, Phipps Hornby, Noel, Richmond, Napier Robinson and across the Atlantic, Mahan. Following an Introduction, etc., the book is divided into six parts. I. The Scientific Study of Naval History 1875-85. II. Professor of Modern History 1885-90. III. The Navy Records Society 1891-95. IV. Fighting for Nelson 1896-1900. V. Working to the End 1901-15. VI. Sir John Knox Laughton's Unfinished Naval History of England. In addition, there are three appendices. Born in Liverpool in 1830, his father was once a privateer commander and Liverpool bred the sea into his blood. After Cambridge, and a short spell in the commercial bustle of Liverpool, Laughton entered the Royal Navy as an Instructor in 1853 and served afloat during the Crimean War and during the Second China War where his courage under fire was remarked upon. On leaving the Navy he turned his attention to its history and was largely responsible for having the subject taken seriously in British Universities and Naval Colleges, as well as encouraging the study and development of naval tactics, doctrine and strategic thought both afloat and ashore. His letters and correspondence reveal a brilliant mind and illustrate just what a profound influence he had within naval circles.

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