Jesse, F. Tennyson.


HMSO, FIRST EDITION, 1942. 64 pp., 5 photo-plates + plan of ship. P.c., 19 x 12cm. V.G. One of the most memorable episodes of the Merchant Navy during the Second World War concerns Eagle Oil's tanker SAN DEMETRIO in October 1940. The tanker sailed from Halifax with its vital cargo of petrol taken aboard in the Dutch West Indies, bound for England as part of the famous convoy escorted by HMS JERVIS BAY. The convoy ran into the ADMIRAL SCHEER on Guy Fawkes' day, and the gallant sacrifice of the JERVIS BAY to save the convoy is well known. The SAN DEMETRIO was hit by shells from the pocket-battleship and set on fire. Abandoned by her crew, a number of them in a life-boat came across their blazing ship the following day, and as she was still afloat bravely re-boarded her. They put out the fires, got the engines going, and in a remarkable feat of seamanship brought the crippled tanker across the Atlantic to the safety of a British port.

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