ARK ROYAL, 1939-1941.

Jameson, William.


1st.ed., 1957. 371 pp., frontis., + 19 other photo-plates & 17 maps & diagrams. Errata slip present. D.j., 22 x 14cm. V.G. An account of the short but active and glorious wartime career of the aircraft carrier HMS ARK ROYAL, the first plate of her keel being laid at Birkenhead in 1935. She took part in the hunt for the GRAF SPEE, the sinking of the BISMARCK, and the struggle to maintain Malta. These and other events in her story are told here in detail, including the Norwegian campaign, Operation Collar, the bombardment of Genoa, and the unfortunate but unavoidable affairs at Oran and Dakar. The author, Rear-Admiral Sir William Jameson, served aboard ARK ROYAL for most of her fighting career. The carrier, claimed to have been destroyed several times by Germany, was finally sunk by three torpedoes fired from U.81 off Gibraltar in 1941. Her aircraft, airborne when she was attacked, flew safely to Gibraltar, and all but one sailor was saved. Even the ship's cat was found clinging to a piece of driftwood ' somewhat angry but unharmed !

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