Granville, Wilfred.


Andre Deutsch, 1st ed., thus 1962. 136 pp. D.j., 22 x 14cm. Exceptionally FINE. Signed Presentation Copy from the Author, inscribed "For Francis with grateful thanks for help & ‘insertions’ Wilfred. 14. Vi. 62. Francis Rossini Esq." (Rossini is acknowledged in the book for "China-side terms". First published as Sea Slang ten years earlier, this present edition was completely revised and brought up to date with a considerable number of new and old terms added. Highly praised as a unique work of reference, the author explores the extraordinary richness to be found in seafaring slang from c.1900 to 1962, including wardroom speech and lower deck inventions in the Royal Navy, and descriptive word-coining of the Merchant Navy, as well as slang unique to fishermen, lightship crews, sailing barges, narrow boats on British canals, etc. Jack, in all his forms, can always be relied upon to find the right word to fit every occasion ! As a former naval officer himself, the author was in prime position to record the colloquial speech of the Royal Navy in two World Wars. [See also Item No. 82]

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