Friedman, Norman.


Seaforth, Barnsley, 1st.ed., 2010. 432 pp., profusely illustrated with photographs & detailed ship plans. D.j., 30 x 25cm. FINE. A detailed study of the British cruiser, designed for the Royal Navy's vital role in protecting the Empire and the largest merchant fleet in the world. The multi-purpose cruiser was built to roam the world's trade routes and police out-flung posts of the British Empire. The author is one of America's best-known naval historians and in this beautifully illustrated book, containing hundreds of photographs and accurate ship plans, he examines the role of British cruisers and their use as destroyer-killers ; their wartime experience 1914-1918, 1939-1945, Korea, etc. ; the difficult conditions imposed by Naval Treaties ; Heavy Cruisers and Light Cruisers ; wartime and post-war designs ; the spin-off as Fast Minelayers ; their survival into the missile age ; etc. There are also lists of ships, plus data and specifications.

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