Fevyer, W. H.


J. B. Hayward & Son, Polstead, Suffolk, 1st.ed., 1982. 121 pp. D.j., 25 x 19cm. FINE. (Picture of R.Y. BRITANNIA tipped in). The DSM was instituted in October 1914 for award to chief petty officers, petty officers and ratings of the Royal Navy and non-commissioned officers and men of the Royal Marines. The medal was designed to be awarded to men who set an example of bravery and resource under fire, where the Conspicuous Gallantry Medal would be inappropriate. A bar to the DSM was introduced in 1916, and in 1940 the award was extended to the RAF serving afloat, and in 1942 to the Army and Merchant Navy serving at sea in merchant ships. For the first time, the author provides a complete record of all DSM recipients of the First World War (1914-1920) contained in the London Gazette. Fourteen selected dispatches have been added to the main text including Antwerp 1914, Falkland Islands 1914, Gallipoli Landings 1915, Jutland 1916, Zeebrugge 1918, and Ostend 1918. The names of all naval vessels involved are also included. A most useful source of reference. FINE copy.

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