English, John.


WSS., Gravesend, 1st.ed., 2001. 152 pp., profusely illustrated with photographs. Pict. c.c., 24 x 18cm. Nr.FINE. Successors to the 'A' and 'I' classes of the 1920s / 1930s (see No. 62 above), the 67 destroyers of the Tribal class represented a new era in British destroyer development. They were built in response to the large and heavily armed destroyers being built in Japan, Germany and Italy. During World War II they were pressed into hard and continuous service with three-quarters of their number under the White Ensign being lost in action (a few survived and were still in service in foreign navies into the 1970s). To many, the Tribals were the best-looking destroyers afloat. The author examines the histories of the British, Canadian and Australian Tribals, the development of the 'J' and 'K' classes, and describing the ships of the 'J', 'K', 'L', 'M' and 'N' classes. Profusely illustrated.

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