Burt, R. A.


Arms & Armour, 1st.ed., 1988. 320 pp., profusely illustrated with photographs, line drawings & plans. D.j., 25 x 25cm. FINE. The Russian war scare of 1884 and public criticism that the Royal Navy was in no position to fight a modern conflict had resulted in the Naval Defence Act of 1889 being introduced. During 1892-4 ships of the ‘Royal Sovereign’ class with their 13.5 inch guns were in service, battleships far out in front of those of any other nation. Over the next 20 years a fleet of 52 battleships were under construction, only halted with the coming of the revolutionary dreadnoughts heralding in a new era of battleship design. More than 200 photographs, 90 line drawings and 40 sets of large-scale line drawings enhance an authoritative narrative describing the full history of the design, construction, armament, protection, machinery and performance of all the British battleships in service between 1889 and 1904. Supported by accurate data, informative tables, and full particulars of trial results and the history of each ship. Includes battleships of the Royal Sovereign, Majestic, Canopus, Formidable, Bulwark, Duncan, Queen, King Edward VII and Lord Nelson classes, etc. Scarce 1st Edition.

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