THE DOVER PATROL, 1915-1917.

Bacon, Admiral Sir Reginald.


2 Vols., Hutchinson & Co., 1st.ed., N.D. (1919). Vol. I : xxxiv + pp. 1 to 325, frontis + 60 other photo-plates ; chart (fldg.) ; & 14 diagrams in text. Vol. II : x + pp. 326 to 643, frontis + 18 other photo-plates ; chart (fldg.) & 2 diagrams in text. Both volumes in original blue cloth ; gilt ; 23 x 15cm. Light foxing o/w an exceptionally crisp & bright set Nr.FINE. The author, Admiral Sir Reginald Bacon (1863-1947) was in command of the celebrated Dover Patrol between 1915 and 1917, during which period more operations were carried out against the enemy than under any other naval command since the Napoleonic Wars. Accompanied by a wealth of photographs, charts and diagrams, a description is given of the historical background of the command ; the ships employed on patrol ; the naval strategy of the period ; the coastal bombardments carried out by the Royal Navy on the Continent ; the duties of trawlers, paddle-minesweepers, and patrol and barrage craft in hunting down U-boats, clearing the shipping lanes of enemy mines, escorting merchantmen, and various missions off the coast of Belgium. Admiral Bacon also describes the landing of large guns on the Belgian coast ; the proposed attack on Ostend ; the plans for blocking Ostend and Zeebrugge ; the actions of the famous 6th Flotilla ; merchant shipping in the Downs and their protection ; the work of the drifters in shallow waters ; operations off the French coast ; the air service of the Dover Patrol ; combined operations with the British Army ; salvage operations under enemy fire ; etc., etc. A particularly bright and crisp set of this important work, published almost immediately after the events they describe.

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