B.R. 282/44 : D.E.M.S. POCKET BOOK, 1944.



1st thus, 1944. Vii + 228 pp., 29 diagrams. Re-bound in black cloth ; gilt, with original card cover bound-in. 25 x 16cm. Externally FINE. Internally V.G. On the outbreak of war in 1939, the Admiralty moved quickly to arm as many merchant ships as possible and to supply them with naval gunners or trained merchant seamen. The ships became known as DEMS (Defensively Equipped Merchant Ships). This 1944 edition of the Pocket Book for Gunners covers a wide variety of instructions and drill. Includes in harbour precautions against enemy attack, sabotage, ammunition, fuzes, gun trials, torpedo and bombing attacks, smoke floats, balloons and kites, D.E.M.S. training bases, U.S. ports with training facilities, gun drill, sightings, low angle fire control, anti-aircraft control, ammunition, etc. There are whole chapters devoted to the 40-mm. Bofor, 20-mm. Oerlikon, 0.5-inch Browning (Colt), 20-mm. Lewis and Savage Lewis, Hotchkiss, and Marlin guns. Rockets and their mountings are also described. Illustrated with diagrams. SCARCE.

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