Air Ministry War Room (Statistical Section).


Limited to 41 Listed Copies Only of which this is No. 37 Issued to A.M.W.R. (W/Cdr.) 1943. Iii + 72 pp., numerous tables. Heavy boards ; morocco spine ; sewn with cord ; 22 x 35cm. Ex-RAF Museum Library label to f.e.p., + card pocket to r.e.p., + Air Historical Branch Air Ministry stamp to t-p. Some typical light scratching & rubbing to covers o/w V.G. Officially printed on the front cover as ‘British Most Secret’, ‘United States Secret’ then repeatedly typed ‘Most Secret’ on every page throughout, this is the War Room Manual of Bomber Command Operations for 1943. Issued by the Air Ministry War Room (Statistical Section) it was Limited to 41 Copies Only, of which this is Copy No. 37, containing a wealth of statistical tables, often providing more than one table for the following headings as it examines them “By Types of Aircraft” and / or “By Types of Operation”, and / or “Monthly Totals” : Details of principal targets attacked ; Summary and comparison of targets attacked with over 500 tons during year ; Squadrons established at start and end of year ; Strength of aircraft at start and end of year in Squadrons, O.T.U’s and Conversion Units ; Availability of aircraft and sorties per squadron ; Sorties despatched, by types of operation and aircraft ; Sorties despatched ; Aircraft Lost (Missing & Destroyed) ; Aircraft Lost ; Aircraft Damaged (Cat. “B” & “AC”) ; Aircraft Damaged ; Personnel (Aircrews) Killed & Missing ; Personnel (Aircrews) Killed & Missing ; Bombs dropped. H.E. No. And weight ; Bombs Dropped. Incendiary No. and weight ; Bombs dropped. H.E. & Incendiary. No. and weight; Bomb raids, by Day : – All targets ; Bomb raids, by Night : - All targets ; Bomb raids, by Day & Night : - All targets ; On Germany ; On Italy ; On Occupied Territories ; Bomb raids, by Night – Losses in relation to effort ; Pathfinder Force Operations ; Pathfinder Force Operations and Main Force Comparison ; …Statistical Comparison ; Lancaster Aircraft – Summary of Operations ; Sea-Mining : – Notes on Target Areas, etc. – Sorties Despatched and Mines Laid - Casualties – Losses in relation to effort ; Propaganda Leaflets – Effort and Casualties ; All other operations ; O.T.U’s & Conversion Units Employed on Operations ; Enemy Aircraft Casualties – Claims by Bomber Command aircraft ; Bomb lift of aircraft – 1942 & 1943 comparison by types of aircraft ; Heavy type bombers, Relative Effectiveness ; Comparison of Halifax and Lancaster aircraft when operating together ; Comparison of operations by types of aircraft ; Analysis of Night Operations, No. of Nights, Sorties and Tonnage ; Yearly comparison of Effort since start of War ; - Statistics ; Tonnage of Bombs dropped and Mines laid since start of War, Yearly totals on Germany, Italy, Occupied Territories etc. RARE and historically important.

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