Sturtivant, Ray.


1st ed., 1993. 224 pp., numerous photo-ills. D.j., 28 x 22cm. FINE. This book is the most detailed, accurate and consummate history of the 'Stringbag' that has been written. The World War II 'Stringbag' was a relatively slow, biplane design in an age of monoplanes but it outlived its supposed successor and earned legendary battle honours in doing so ' Norway, the BISMARCK, attack, Taranto and the 'Channel Dash' operations. This book tells the story of Fairey's most famous aircraft, from design genesis through peacetime service, war action in many theatres to final retirement. A fantastic collection of facts and data are combined with ex-crew reminiscences to create a complete historical narrative. The photographs are contemporary and often previously unpublished but what perhaps cements this book as the definitive study are the appendices. These include : full specifications for the variants of Swordfish ; the names of all squadrons fully or partly equipped with Swordfish including RAF and RCAF users ; an impressive directory of all known Swordfish losses ; a list of all individual aircraft histories - an epic feat of meticulous detailed research.

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