Lindqvist, Sven.


1st English ed., 2001. Pages un-numbered by average, photo-ills., + ills. D.j., 24 x 15cm. Nr.FINE. Drawing on a rich range of sources from popular fiction, to first-hand accounts by the victims and perpetrators of bombing, from official government documents, to his own personal experiences as a child, parent and grandparent, the author unearths the fascinating history of the development of air power and bombs. He exposes the racist assumptions underlying colonial bombing campaigns in North Africa, and France and England's use of bombing to subdue post-war independence movements ; and he probes the psychology of Bomber Harris. He sets out the recipe for napalm, and the science of smart bombs, and he asks some uncomfortable questions ; did bombs ever produce the expected results ? Is bombing civilians a war crime, and if so why have the laws of war and international justice proved so impotent ? Why can't the truth about Hiroshima be told in the Air and Space Museum in Washington ?

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