Insall, A. J.


Kimber, 1st ed., 1970. 208 pp. D.j., 24 x 16cm. FINE. The author, brought up in France, was an officer who flew as an observer with the RFC on the Western Front following intensive training on the Maurice and Henri Farman aeroplanes. Including a period on the Somme, the author remained in continuous combat with the Germans and writes vividly of the hazards faced by the RFC from enemy attack and from the uncertainties of their own aircraft. He tells of the arrival in his squadron of the young Albert Ball and of his spectacular successes ; of Major Hawker, V.C., and of his own brother Gilbert Insall, V.C. He brings to this book not only his first hand experiences but also the fruits of many years' research into technical developments during the First World War ' the development of combat, of air photography and of the aeroplanes themselves, including the famous Vickers fighter.

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