Grinnell-Milne, Duncan.


Rep., Oct., 1926. Ix + 306 pp., frontis., + 7 other photo-plates + 3 plates of sketch-maps. Brown cloth ; 19 x 12cm. Front cover leaning a little ; some rubbing to blank f.e.p., where there is a trace remaining of a previous owner’s details o/w V.G. The author was posted to No. 16 Squadron RFC, but shortly afterwards, on 1 December, he was forced down behind the German lines and captured. He was listed as "missing" on 2 December and was eventually reported a prisoner of war in early January 1916. The author spent over two years as a prisoner of war in Germany before he finally escaped in April 1918 and made his way to The Netherlands where he was briefly interned before returning to England. He became well-known for writing a personal account of his aerial flying in Wind in the Wires (below) but An Escaper’s Log was his first book and he described it himself as being "a tale – or rather a series of tales – about prisoners and escaping." The author re-joined the war in 1918 and become a Captain in the RAF fighting with 56 Squadron. He was awarded the M.C. and the D.F.C. First published in 1926 and reprinted almost immediately afterwards, this book is VERY SCARCE.

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