Grey, C. G.


1st ed., 1942. 256 pp., frontis., + several photo-plates. Cloth ; 19 x 12cm. Binding cracked along title-page hinge, holding in the middle, but joints secure ; owner’s inscription o/w GOOD. Published in 1942, this book is all about sea-flying. It starts with sea-flying in the U.S. by the great American pioneer, Glenn Curtiss ; and it proceeds to the establishment of sea and land flying in Britain by the Committee of Imperial Defence, and the creation of the Royal Flying Corps, designed to be one and indivisible with its Naval and Military (or Army) Wings. It covers various branches of sea-flyers such as the Naval Wing, R.F.C. and the Royal Naval Air Service. The first part of the book looks at the origins of sea-flying ; the second, sea-flying during the 1914-18 war ; the third, airships ; the fourth, between the wars ; the fifth, the U.S. between wars ; and finally the sixth part looks at sea-flying in World War II. Illustrated with photograph-plates.

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