Bennett, Air Vice-Marshal D. C. T.


1st ed., 1958. 287 pp., frontis., + 30 photo-plates. D.j., 20 x 13cm. Nr.FINE. Air Vice-Marshall Bennett contributed to the Second World War effort in a number of important capacities and here he sets down his impressions of a very full "one man's war". It opens with a short description of the author's early life and his experiences in the RAF before the War. He tells some interesting anecdotes of Imperial Airways and the development of civil flying, of the Flight Refuelling System, and of that extraordinary invention, the Mayo Composite Aircraft, the top half of which he piloted. The author describes the Atlantic Ferry Organisation during the war. His participation as Flying Superintendent of this Organisation gave him the material for the inside story of how the Atlantic was "debunked". Foremost among the other operations was the creation of the Path Finder Force of the RAF which the author conceived, founded and commanded throughout the whole of its life. This absorbing book is not limited to descriptions of high-level organisation. The author's activities in Bomber Command, and for whose bombing raids on Germany he is best remembered, included an episode in Norway, when he was shot down on a low-level attack on the TIRPITZ and, miraculously, walked away from the wreckage of his 'plane. A Near Fine First Edition Copy in Dust-jacket.

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