Ashworth, Chris. & Bowyer, Michael J. F. & Halpenny, Bruce Barrymore. & Smith, David J.


13 Vols. All Vols. Patrick Stephens, Cambridge (later Sparkford). Profusely illustrated with photo-ills., + some maps, plans + diagrams. D.j., 24 x 15cm. Vol. 1 : Bowyer. Wartime Military Airfields of East Anglia 1939 – 1945. 1st ed., 1979. 232 pp. Vol. 2 : Halpenny. Military Airfields of Lincolnshire and the East Midlands. 1st ed., 1981. 217 pp. Vol. 3 : Smith. Military Airfields of Wales and the North-West. 1st ed., 1981. 217 pp. Vol. 4 : Halpenny. Military Airfields of Yorkshire. 1st ed., 1982. 216 pp. Vol. 5 : Ashworth. Military Airfields of the South-West. 1st ed., 1982. 233 pp. Vol. 6 : Bower. Military Airfields of the Cotswolds and the Central Midlands. 1st ed., 1983. 312 pp. Vol. 7 : Smith. Military Airfields of Scotland, the North-East and Northern Ireland. 1st ed., 1983. 232 pp. Vol. 8 : Halpenny. Military Airfields of Greater London. 1st ed., 1984. 248 pp. Vol. 9 : Ashworth. Military Airfields of the Central South and South-East. 1st ed., 1985. 313 pp. Tiny repair to d.j., no loss. Vol. 10 : Quarrie. Supplement and Index. 1st ed., 1987. 165 pp. SPECIAL : Cooksley. Aviation Enthusiasts’ Guide to London & the South-East. Cambridge, 1st ed., 1982. 184 pp., photo-ills., + ills. D.j., 23 x 16cm. SEQUEL : Smith. British Military Airfields 1939 – 45. Wellingborough, 1st ed., 1989. 249 pp. COMPANION : Fairbairn, Sqn Ldr Tony. Action Stations Overseas. Sparkford, 1st ed., 1991. 192 pp. All Vols. : A little fading to the spines of some d.j.’s + 3 d.j.’s, price-clipped o/w Nr.FINE – FINE. This is a Complete 13-Volume Extended Set of the Action Stations series, all in First Edition. The first ten volumes about British military airfields in various parts of the country are predominantly concerned with their role during the Second World War but where relevant the volumes look at airfield history prior to and after this notable period. The books give individual ‘biographies’ of each military airfield in the area covered, describing such information as their activities, the units, personalities and aircraft based there, and often showing what can still be seen today. The first volume covers East Anglia which was the centre of Britain’s air war during the Second World War and still contains a higher density of airfields than any other part of the country. The second volume examines Lincolnshire and the East Midlands which were bomber country during World War II and bore the brunt of the airborne offensive against the Third Reich. The famous ‘dams’ raid was launched from Scampton and a large part of the airborne armada for D-Day trained and took off from Lincolnshire fields. The third volume explores the military airfields of Wales and the North-West which fulfilled a vital function during the war, protecting the major industrial centres and ports from Luftwaffe attention, guarding the Western Approaches against U-boats, and housing a wide variety of training and experimental units which provided the aircrew and the aircraft for the front line squadrons. The fourth volume describes the turbulent histories of every military airfield in Yorkshire, from the First World War until 1982. Volume five covers broadly a host of famous airfields within the counties of Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Somerset and parts of Gloucestershire, Hampshire and Wiltshire, as well as the Channel Islands. The sixth volume covers famous airfields from the counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire and Warwickshire. The seventh volume describes and illustrates the airfields of Scotland, the North-East and Northern Ireland from the First World War to 1983. The eighth volume covers an area around London extending to Stevenage in the north, Gatwick in the south, Henley to the west and Eastchurch in the east. It includes such famous names as Biggin Hill, Hornchurch, Heathrow, Brooklands, Croydon, Hatfield, Hendon, Kenley, Northolt and West Malling. The ninth volume covers many of the most famous airfields of all, especiall

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