Zaloga, Steven J. & Grandsen, James.


Arms & Armour Press, rep., 1989. 240 pp., 312 photo-ills., + ills., & diagrams. D.j., 25 x 19cm. FINE. Beginning with coverage of Imperial Russian vehicles and the mechanization of the Red Army during the 1920’s and 1930’s, this book then focuses on Soviet tanks and combat vehicles during the Second World War and includes : Soviet Tank Design on the Eve of War ; Organisation of the Soviet Armoured Force ; The Summer Catastrophe ; The T-34 Medium Tank ; Light Tanks ; The KV Heavy Tank ; Tank Unit Organization ; Mechanized Artillery Development ; Katyusha Rocket Launchers ; The SU-76 Light Mechanized Gun ; The SU-122 Medium Mechanized Gun ; The KV-7 Mechanized Gun ; Mechanized Artillery Units ; The German Response ; Tank Destroyers ; The Battle of Kursk-Orel ; The T-34-85 Medium Tank ; The IS-2 Heavy Tank ; Heavy Assault Guns ; Light Mechanized Guns ; Tank Destroyers of 1944 ; The T-44 Medium Tank ; The K-90 Amphibious Tank ; Light Fighting Vehicles ; Airborne Fighting Vehicles ; Engineer Tanks ; Flame-thrower Tanks ; Armoured Recovery Vehicles ; Bridging Tanks ; Anti-Aircraft Vehicles ; Artillery Transporters ; Armoured Trains ; Lend-Lease Tanks ; Lend-Lease Armoured Vehicles Supplied to the Soviet Army ; Soviet Tanks in Retrospect. Each vehicle’s evolution, data and performance is described in detail, with superb line drawings and photographs.

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