Windrow, Martin. & Embleton, Gerry.


1st ed., 1974. 200 pp., frontis., profusely illustrated with cold., plates + b&w photo-ills., ills., maps & plans. D.j., 23 x 23cm. Slight discolouring to edges of d.j., o/w Nr.FINE. One hundred lavishly coloured paintings depict a range in subject matter from the Spanish troops who resisted Napoleon’s invasion of 1808, through the various categories of British soldiers who served in the Peninsula Field Army between 1808 and 1814, to the multi-national forces commanded in Spain and Portugal by Napoleon’s marshals. Infantrymen, dragoons, hussars, guards, artillerymen, engineers, lancers, commissariat and medical personnel, security troops and irregulars, generals, marshals and even a female ‘auxiliary’ – all are depicted as they appeared dressed and equipped on campaign. Detailed commentaries on each figure describe and explain every item of dress, insignia, armament and equipment, and give a mass of information on the part played by the specific units illustrated in the various stages of the campaign. The text includes a concise chronological history of the progress of the Peninsular War, illustrated with battle-maps to enable the reader to put the various types of troops in perspective and the life they led in and out of battle. In addition there are 100 monochrome illustrations of photographs and contemporary paintings.

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