Tackle, Patrick.


Barnsley, 1st ed., 2009. Viii + 168 pp., photo-plates + 7 maps. D.j., 24 x 16cm. F.f.e.p., (blank) pasted down & small mark to p.63 o/w V.G. While over 330,000 British and French soldiers were evacuated from France between 26 May and 4 June 1940, many thousands remained on the continent. Yet relatively little is known about the dramatic events in France after the Dunkirk evacuation and this invaluable book lifts the curtain on a highly controversial political / military drama. Desperate to keep the French in the war, Churchill formed a second BEF and appointed General Alan Brooke to command it. In describing this hopeless mission, one that may possibly have been fatal to the outcome of the war, the author includes how vital and scarce fighter squadrons were sent over and had these been lost the Battle of Britain may have had a very different result. He also explains how, despite serious losses, eventually no less than 192,000 troops of all nationalities were evacuated from Normandy and Brittany during which The LANCASTRIA was sunk with appalling loss of life, an incident suppressed at the time.

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