Seaton, Albert.


Batsford, 1st ed., 1976. 312 pp., 34 photo-plates + 6 maps. D.j., 24 x 16cm. Very light foxing to edges & e.p.'s o/w FINE. This is the first comprehensive and analytical military biography of Stalin to be published in the Western World or the Soviet Union. It is based on an extensive study, over many years, of Russian texts, documents and orders of the Red Army and Soviet High Command, together with the memoirs and personal accounts of Red Army commanders and staffs covering the period from 1918 to 1953. This pioneering work, which has been compiled in conjunction with authorities in Britain, Germany and the United States, explains the technicalities of the organisation and functioning of the Red Army and its Supreme Command, the detail of its communication system and day-to-day working, as a background to the part played by Stalin during the Civil War, the Russo-Polish War, Russo-Finnish War and Second World War. Many of the reports and orders reproduced in this work are those penned by Stalin himself.

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