Salmon, Patrick (Ed.).


HMSO, 1st ed., 1995. Xx + 259 pp., frontis., -map. D.j., 25 x 16cm. FINE. This is a comprehensive survey of one of World War II’s closest alliance relationships – that between Britain and Norway. It examines both the achievements and problems of the Anglo-Norwegian alliance. The contributors are veterans with personal experience of the events they describe. They discuss many aspects of Norway’s contribution to the Allied war effort on land, at sea and in the air, with chapters devoted to such topics as the Norwegian merchant fleet (Notraship) and the ‘Shetland Bus’ operations between the UK and the west coast of Norway. They also provide unique insights into Norway’s role in the gathering of wartime intelligence, including the background to the sinking of the BISMARCK, and operations such as the destruction of the heavy water plant at Rjukan in 1943.

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