Mellenthin, Major-General F. W. von.


Tempus, new ed., n.d., (c.1990-2010). 316 pp., cold., photo-plates + numerous b&w photo-ills. D.j., 25 x 17cm. Nr.FINE. The author was in a unique position to write this comprehensive account of the various battles fought by the Panzers as he was present at all the campaigns in which they were involved. In 1939, with the Third Corps, he was active in the Polish Campaign. Then the Conquest of France, the Balkan Campaign, the Western Desert with Rommel, and the Russian Campaign including Stalingrad and Kursk. After the Allies had successfully invaded France, in 1944, he was moved to the Western Front under Field Marshal von Rundstedt. It was here, in 1945, that he was taken prisoner by the advancing American troops. By the end of the war the author had risen to the rank of Major-General and was Chief of General Staff, Fifth Panzer Army, on the Western Front.

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