Linklater, Magnus. & Hilton, Isabel. & Ascherson, Neal.


1st ed., 1984. 352 pp., 21 photo-plates. D.j., 24 x 16cm. D.j., price-clipped with spine faded o/w Nr.FINE. Klaus Barbie stands accused of torture, massacre, and the deportation of Jews to their death in German concentration camps during the Second World War. But his career in the Gestapo was only a small part of an astonishing secret life. After the war it was in Bolivia that Barbie came closest to acquiring the power he had known in the SS. As a lieutenant-colonel in intelligence he became the hub of a network that reached into the heart of the multi-million dollar cocaine trade; that ran death squads and exported their parliamentary expertise to right-wing regimes in Central America; that mounted a military coup and ushered in a vicious and corrupt dictatorship. As this remarkable investigation reveals, neo-Fascist terrorists from Germany and Italy clustered round Barbie – young men inspired by the ideals of the Third Reich, ready to torture and kill to achieve their aims.

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