FIGHTING SHIPS 1750 – 1850.

Willis, Sam.


Quercus, 1st ed., 2007. 223 pp., profusely illustrated (cold.). D.j., 44 x 36cm. Nr.FINE. With a Foreword by Dr. Nicholas Rodger, this book recalls episodes in the glorious history of fighting sail between 1750 and 1850 – its final hundred years. Through the eyes of marine painters, the reader glimpses scenes of vessels being launched and sunk ; in action and on blockade duty ; in port and on long sea voyages. There are also architectural drawings, battle-plans, sea charts, portraits of naval officers etc., and vivid images of life below deck. The book is profusely illustrated in full colour and includes the work of Pocock, Loutherbourg, Wright, Serres, Turner, Maclise, etc. The book spans the Seven Years’ War, War of American Independence, the era of Cook and exploration, the French Revolutionary War, the Napoleonic War, the War of 1812, the final days of sail, and the eve of steam and iron. The illustrations in this huge book are reproduced to a high standard and recall the deeds of Hawke, Rodney, Cook, Howe, Nelson, Duncan, Broke, Exmouth, etc., etc.

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